Sep 20 2018

Thatcher Wine’s Book Covers -Works of Art!

Cheryl Hucks here! Several months ago I was watching CBS Sunday Morning News and was intrigued by a story about how book covers can be customized for into works of art. Your imagination is the only limitation… and of course your budget.  Boulder-based company, Juniper Books, cleverly fills out shelves using both custom covers created for classic works as well as a curated selection of existing editions. The result brings fresh design thinking to a centuries-old industry.


Show your love for favorite author with customized books covers.  Fascinating how Wired Designs has created the author’s face and scenes from his books into library art.  To create a unique offering for a Jack London fan, Thatcher Wine commissioned a set of murals based on London’s rugged themes. He then split the images into individual covers that combine to create a series of scenes .


I need one for all my interior design books.  What would you chose?  Wouldn’t  Beatrix Potter be adorable in a child’s room?  Show off your patriotic side with a flag design.  Books about former presidents, Civil War or other events in US history could be underneath the majestic flag design.  Or spell out the author’s name in colors that enhance your room’s color palette.


I love this white, black and gray book covers!  Simple and organized! What makes Juniper Books special is that it can manufacture new covers in-house on a large-format printer. So instead of scouring second-hand shops for an aesthetically pleasing array, Wine’s four-person team can design, print, and assemble a beautiful bespoke library.


Organize your classics in a single color design. Sometimes literary and aesthetic tastes vary. A given client may love Shakespeare’s sonnets, but find the classic leather bound volumes — or its reimagined updates — unfitting for their modernist home. Wine buys books from publishers wholesale, defines a theme, and creates custom covers that link the collection together visually.


At first glance you might think this was a picture painted on a window blind. A flawless work of art on book covers! Wine pushes the idea even further, also assembling custom jackets on a much larger scale. These medieval literature books take the form of an etching from the period. They stack to offer a bold visual statement that couldn’t be conveyed by a single volume.


Before Wine was a book dealer, he was a high tech entrepreneur. His patents cover a technique for breaking up big images into a procession of linked covers. Juniper Books uses the system to produce all their custom designs. Take your favorite photo to cover your entire library wall.


Is playing the piano your passion?  Or maybe you have books about Mozart, Chopin. Most people would say you cannot judge a book by it’s cover, but now, that is not always true! Thatcher Wine’s Book Covers-Works of Art!





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