Sep 25 2018

How to paint angled walls

Hi Everyone!  One of the most frequent mistakes contractors, painters and homeowners make is painting a sloped  or angled wall the same color as the ceiling! These walls are usually found in attics and in rooms over a garage.   It is the wall that has an angle, not the ceiling!  Buy painting the angled or sloped part of the wall the same as the ceiling, which is usually white, you have made the room feel shorter and smaller.  The darker the wall color, the greater the contrast,  the more the room feels short and small.  Frequently, the flat ceiling in a bonus room over a garage is only a few feet wide,  If that is the case, I usually suggest painting all walls and ceiling the same color.


You can hardly  see the angled corner behind the dressing table.  If the sloped part of the walls were painted white, the wall would have short and the center of attention.When I designed this bedroom over a garage for my client’s daughter, I had the painters to paint all the walls (sloped and flat and ceiling)  a soft pink.  This made the room appear extremely tall and expansive.


Next time you paint angled walls in your home or hire a painter (who will probably disagree with you)  please insist on painting the angled or sloped walls the same as the flat walls, not the ceiling. Happy painting!



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