Why should I hire CHID?  My To the Trade Discounts-No Markup save you money. If you hire me during your project planning stage, I can save you from making costly mistakes. I have trusted relationships with vendors, trades, professionals and contractors.


What is CHID’s Design Style? My team and I  have designed many design styles and have the capabilty and enjoy working with any. The basics of design are the same with any style. It is the furniture, accessoires, rugs and other products that create the desired style. The most popular design style for most of my clients is Transtional Style.  Any color scheme can be used. (See elevation on the right)


Can you buy more than I can?  My relationships with To The Trade Vendors and  local businesses and manufacturers gives me more purchasing options than most home or business owners. If you have connnections to vendors or local businesses that I can use in your design project, I invite you to share them with me.

Do you work with Trade Professionals? I have relationships with painters, movers, installers, granite and tile installers and other trades for your design project.


Can you work with my furniture budget and my existing items?  I can skillfully 1-blend higher priced items with budget conscious ones, 2-use your existing items with new products, 3-use all budget conscious products or 4- use all higher priced and custom items.  I have furniture manufacturers, vendors, trades, craftsman for all budgets.


What is the time frame for my project? It is dependent on the number of rooms, if trades will be involved, construction and the size of your furniture order.


What is my involvement in my project? At the beginning we will discuss your design style and get your input for furniture, finishes, rugs, accessoires, etc. Once everything has been decided, depending on your design package you can be very involved or we do everything.

What is the largest project?   10,000 square foot houses and large apartment clubhouses.


How are purchases handled?    If you buy my Purchasing Package Add-On for your Room Design Package, I handle all the purchases. If  not, you are responsible for purchasing.


How can you save me money?    We pass along to you our To The Trade Discounts and No Mark-Up and know when items or services are over priced. Working with us before the start your design project, CHID can help you avoid costly mistakes with paint colors, incorrect furniture sizes and more.


Can you help me define my design style?   Using my Design Questionnaire and our conversations I can define and refine your style and expertly blend design styles. Your existing  home or office will also will give insight into your likes and dislikes, lifestyle and more.

Can I buy items myself? Any items you wish to buy will need my approval prior to purchase. I need to be certain 1- another item for the same usage or location has not already been ordered,  2-your item will be the correct size, color and style, 3-will be delivered within your project time frame and 4- item will not compromise the integrity of your design project.  You will be responsible for payment, deliveries and returns.


Do you have references? References are on the main website page and I can provide more, if requested.  Any questions are welcomed.


Can you integrate my existing pieces into the new plan? Before I create your design plan, you are asked to provide a list of existing items your want to incorporate into your new design plan.  I strive to use them, but if your items will not be appropriate, I explain why and offer other choices.

High Point, NC
What if I do not like your Design Plan or parts of it?   I want  you to be very honest about all areas of your Design Plan.  I usually have more than one choice and  willing to do more research.  The quicker you less me know, the less time I spend incoporating a piece of unwanted art, furniture, etc in your design plan. Once you sign off on items and they have been ordered or I have included pieces in the design plan, there will be an additional cost to make changes to the plans and cancel orders. In many cases, it can delay the time frame of your project.


Why should I hire you when I already have a contractor?   Bringing me in at the beginning in your contruction or design process allows me to ask the correct questions, make suggestions and co-design your project with you, your contractor, and professionals. I see the full vision of your project and  process all the information and communicate with you and your contractor. I monitor your project throughout construction with appropriate on-site visits, and coordinate any required changes and additions.