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Timothy Corrigan, Interior Designer

During the Fall 2014 Furniture Market I had the pleasure of meeting Timothy Corrigan, who is one of the world’s most respected interior designers.  He has been named to the Architectural Digest  Top 100 Interior Designers and Architects in the World  for 8 years and Robb’s Report awarded him the title of Top 40 Interior Designers in the World. Get the idea?  His list of accomplishments and influence in the world of interior design goes on and on.

Timothy Corrigan Website

Elle Decor states: “Timothy Corrigan creates comfortable spaces suffused with old-world elegance”.  No matter how beautifully a space is designed, it is not entirely successful unless it is also comfortable, practical and liveable. Mixing elements that are new and old and from all around the world, our work is classic but with a fresh, comfortable feeling. www/


Timothy Corrigan and Cheryl Hucks

Timothy Corrigan and Cheryl Hucks

After working on a design site for two weeks and  walking at the Furniture Market for 4 days my feet were screaming “no more walking!” I had marked “Comfortable Elegance  Tips for Creating Beautiful and Welcoming Spaces” by Timothy Corrigan as the number one seminar I wanted to attend during the furniture market.   Rather than walk around for another hour or go home, I decided to just put my feet up and read my emails while I waited for the seminar.  As soon as I walked into the seminar room Timothy walked up and introduced himself and invited me to come sit with him and his assistant, Elaine Maltzman.   I had an  amazing time  that I will  never forget.  Timothy has a contagious positive energy and love for interior design, his design projects and his clients.

Timothy Corrigan Website

The term “Comfortable Elegance” which has been trademarked by Timothy,is my favorite design philosophy!  No matter what your design style you can create a home that is comfortable and elegant.  I love, love this comfortable and inviting kitchen/dining room/ sunroom.  Can you imagine entertaining  your family and friends in this happy house?  My design business for several years was “Casual Elegance by Cheryl”. After years of people asking me if I was an image consultant, jewelry or clothing designer or owned a store, I changed my business name to Cheryl Hucks Interior Designs.  Now, everyone knows exactly what I do and my name!

Timothy Corrigan website

Timothy paints a beautiful coral and black picture!  See the mix of old and new?  Relaxing room for yourself or guests.

One of my favorite ways to add height, elegance and importance to a bed is a bed crown or corona.

Timothy Corrigan website

A common question client’s ask is ” how far above bathroom faucets to hang mirrors?”   Here’s the answer!  If your mirror is tall  and does not have a frame that projects out so far that it hits the faucet, hang it low. If your bathroom vanity mirror is hung too high or too low, you will know immediately….you will have uneasy feeling that something is not quite right.  I also like that Timothy used a silver tray (that would probably  be stored in a china cabinet)  to organize the counter top and create an elegance.

Bold statements with the gold leaf wallpaper and mirrored chest! You should give it a try in your powder room.

Just the right amount of blue accents creates a comfortable living room.  Great place to listen to your children practice piano.

Paneled library / family room with a fabulous cheetah print ottoman/coffee table and brown fringed pillows invites you to snuggle down and put your feet up!

All white backyard get away!  Simple elegance with a crystal chandelier.  Is the dog real? To see more Timothy Corrigan designs go to:

I invite you to check out Timothy’s interior designs, his products and press about Corrigan at his website With offices in Los Angles and Paris, Corrigan has an international clients, celebrities, royalty and corporate leaders.  He also has fabric and floor covering lines ,and furniture for Schumacher.

In 2003 Corrigan purchased a 45,000 square foot  neoclassical chateau in in Loire Valley, France and transformed it into an exquisite, livable home.  “An Invitation to Chateau du Grand-Luce , Decorating a Great French Country House” details the transformation with beautiful before and after photos. Century Furniture hosted a book signing during the  2014 Fall High Point Furniture Market. where I purchased the coffee table book.  I  have enjoying reading the book and seeing the chateau’s transformation through Timothy’s words and eyes.

To follow this link to purchase Timothy’s book ”